serious writer face is serious
serious writer face is serious

Jessica wrote and illustrated her first story in the fourth grade. “The Dragon of Grindley Grun” was about an evil wizard, a princess, and a dragon who was actually a prince. She likes to think her writing has evolved since that very first story, even though she still mostly writes about magic and evil wizards.

She earned a BA in Creative Writing from Murray State University and an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University.

Her short fiction and poetry has appeared in Flash Fiction MagazineSlink Chunk PressCapulet Magazine, Vamp Cat Magazine, salt + vinegar zine, Kaleidotrope, Taco Bell Quarterly, and elsewhere. You can find links to most of these pieces on the Other Work page.

She likes to sing loudly and dance on occasion without being particularly talented at either. Her interests include reading, writing, procrastinating, animal advocacy, musicals, accessories, memes, planners, planner accessories, matching athleisure, toddler wrangling, and sweet tea.

Jessica’s young adult novel, The Girls of Fall, was awarded the Indie B.R.A.G.Medallion in 2022.

She lives and writes in Kentucky with her family.

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