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Cover Reveal: The Littlest Dragon

After the busy blur that was my week at Tinker Mountain Writer's Workshop, I almost forgot I had scheduled this cover reveal for today! We have aboutĀ 30 minutes left of the day, so without any further ado...dun dun it is: Isn't Bimnid just the most precious little dragon you've ever seen??!! šŸ™‚ And the… Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Littlest Dragon

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Stones and Finger Bones: The Cover

Huzzah! I've been sitting on this baby since I'm not going to beleaguer this post with a bunch of extra words. I just want to say that Ravven is a fantastically talented artist, and an absoluteĀ pleasure to work with! I first discovered her a couple years ago, and my immediate reaction was "Wow, if… Continue reading Stones and Finger Bones: The Cover