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One Round Down

After one all-nighter*, a marathon writing weekend, and 4,000 additional words later, I’ve officially completed one round of edits and returned them to my lovely and patient editor. Yes, I ended up with more words, but filler was still trimmed and the additions are decidedly juicy. Stones was already rather skinny for a fantasy, at only about 76K words, so I’m not worried about buffing it (her? him?) up a bit.

Everything anyone has ever told you about editing and revising is true. It is so hard. There was much squealing in frustration, which my dog loved. I’m exhausted, starving (although, probably because it’s lunch time), and my little writing brain is totally fried. Compared to this, writing the blasted thing was a piece of cake.

There was also cake eaten…to inspire productivity.

On that note, I’m off to find food…









*Note: I did not finish edits in just one night. The whole process took about two weeks, but I apparently saved all the hardest parts (read: heavy emotional scenes) for last and had to stay up extra late to meet my deadline. πŸ™‚


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