Fave Reads of 2022

Hey hey.

It’s that time of the year again…the end of the year…and people are probably coming up with their year-end lists. I’m hear to share some of my favorite reads!

I didn’t do the best job at tracking my reading this year, especially if it was a physical book that wasn’t automatically logged for me on Goodreads, lol. This won’t be a comprehensive list of everything I read this year, but just a highlight reel of some of my faves and why. I hope you find some new authors to add to your TBR!

Seven Days in June

I just finished this one, so it’s fresh on my mind! I thought this was a great second chance romance, and I don’t usually like second chance romances. I enjoyed the pop culture references and that both characters are writers. There is quite a bit of trauma and some heavy content, so you may want to check out any content warnings before diving in. Also, it was surprisingly funny!

The City of Brass

Solid fantasy fare for all those who enjoy a chonky fantasy. Very light on the romance, but the worldbuilding is very expansive and interesting. I tore through this book and the sequel, but am unfortunately still stuck on book three.

Desire in his Blood

I’ve read a couple of Zoey’s books before, so I knew I would probably like this one. And I definitely did!

Vampire aliens? Take my money.

Electric Idol

Katee is always a solid read for me, and I’ve read several of her books from this series and her Deal with a Demon series (I’d recommend all of those).

This is technically book two, but I read it first and didn’t have any trouble following the story. Eros was delightful and we have a plus size heroine!

Deceived by the Gargoyles

My first Lillian Lark book and my first gargoyle monster romance…but not my last! This one has a plus size heroine as well and if Goliath from the TV show Gargoyles was your jam…you probably don’t want to sleep on this one.


This was one weird, wild ride but I finished this book and it’s sequel in two days. Granted, they are more novellas than novels, which I really enjoy, but I was hooked. The worldbuilding was actually really fascinating, and I hope Octavia has more forthcoming from this world.

And, once you go tentacle, you don’t go back.

So tell me: what was your favorite read of the year? Anything I might like?


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